Stopping Bullies and The evolution among The Sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No Gi BJJ, Self Defense BJJ and BJJ for MMA


When Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was created just like most of the Martial Arts it was all about Self Defense. The Indian Monks had to stop their enemies without killing because it was against their religion. After that Japan “Stole it” and later on Brazil.

The fighting culture is a big deal in Brazil. The kids are educated to fight back. If a kid punch other kid at school the “victim” will have to fight back. The kids would be embarrassed of not fighting back more than they would be of not fighting. It’s better to loose a fight than let someone beat you up every day. The psychological damage will be much worst than the physical and teach your kid that are limits an honor on a fight is very important. I tell my own son every day. I will give you US$100 to avoid a fight but once someone touches you… give all your money to make sure you fight back and protect yourself. Pay on cash is always better than a leasing when we talk about self defense.
The predator will sleep hungry when the prey has teeth to fight back … Many times I listened to adults telling me “If someone mess with you fight back” that’s pretty much says a lot about the culture. Kids will have a tough youth on the school and life and learn how to “fight” will build a strong character with a powerful personality. Self Confidence is key for any successful adult. Kids are kids anywhere on the world and Bullies will always be there. It is about how We deal with the problem that makes the difference. What I mean with that is the Bullies will always look for the weak kid. Give your kid some fighting power and they will not have problem. A big difference here in America for me is the victimization. Kids are not learning how to fight back and stand for what is right and fair. Instead of learning how to protect themselves they are learning how to hide, get scared, depressed and sometimes when the worst doesn’t happen ask for help. I agree that you have to tell an adult (parents, teachers etc) but I also believe that if someone touches you it is game on!

It’s better to teach them to fish than to give than a fish! With all that said Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a perfect fit. Just like the Indian Monks back a days We can fight back without “hurt” our aggressor. When BJJ started the self defense was necessary. They world changed a little on those last 40 year and the sport with it. But the self defense will always be part of BJJ.

When the sport was new a Gi was too expensive and sometimes hard to find. With that BJJ No Gi got popular on the Gyms in Brazil. In America The No Gi was necessary to bring other kinds of grapplers to the sport. Wrestling, Judo and Sambo just to name a few. Now a days we have a lot of “BJJ” schools doing No Gi classes only What I strongly disagree. With the popularization of the Gis (kimonos) the fun BJJ took over the world and now is by far the most popular sport on the planet.
Back a days when Jiu-Jitsu had to be presented to the world VALE TUDO was created. The famous NO RULES OLD SCHOOL TOURNAMENTS. I did 5 of those fights back a days and it was a honorable War that few could be invited. Basically BJJ leaders were organizing events and public fights with BJJ against all other martial arts. It was a pretty easy money for BJJ fighters on the very beginning. I am sure you heard about how easy was to Royce Gracie (The little guy) to beat up all the Heavy contenders on the very first UFCs. Royce was doing 2…3 fights per night against fighters twice his size. It was easy because the brazilians were used to it and of course nobody new BJJ so it was pure BJJ against a pure wrestler or Karate for example and basically you get a fighter doing Karate his entire life on the ground were he can’t effectively punch and kick and he is done. Same thing against a wrestler. They take you down and you say thanks. Because BJJ is the only martial art that you fight from you back and we are pretty good at it!

Today with the evolution of Sport The Old Vale Tudo became MMA. Now we have weight division, timed rounds and a bunch of rules and the strikers now know grappling and vice versa. In order to be a good MMA fighter every fighter needs at least a good Striking and a good Grappling game. The Formula BJJ+MuayThay=MMA is almost perfect.