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Kids Martial Arts Classes

Teach Your Kids How to Effectively Defend Themselves

We have been extremely blessed with our Kids program. We were able to combine a very affordable and effective program for our Students.
No initial fees, no contracts and a free week to try it out! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Self Defense and Anti Bullying instruction all in one Class.
We divided it in 2 age groups. Under 8 years old and Over 8 years old.

We  have on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes the Self Defense, Judo and Anti Bullying and on the Striking (Muay Thai+Boxing+MMA) Class on Fridays we teach the striking part of our program. The efficiency of our program is proved not only by how our kids have been dominating every competition but also by the good changing in behavior reported by their parents. Our kids are from State Champions to World Champions.
Andre Quiles is a World Class coach with a lot of experience with kids.
” There is no better feeling than to see those little guys improving. I have been teaching all kinds of kids including my amazing special kids. I was a kid myself when I started training and I still remember the feelings, emotions and lessons. I have my own son on the mats every day growing from a little 2 years old “fighting” with me on our bedroom  to a 7 years old already a State, National and World Champion and the best part is everything with a lot of fun.
It’s fascinating to see how a kid can grow from “weak” or shy to super confident. That’s the beauty of our program. With time we are able to empower them all. The sport keeps them in a competitive and respectful environment. I believe on every kid They all have potential. It takes time and as far as their parents drive them to the gym I will make sure they improve.
Each one of them need a different kind of motivation. Some of them few words or a hug or some times some push ups.
Fighting they are forced to learn how to loose every day and I help them how to deal with it and how to never give up and that’s a gift they will have for their life on any field ” – ANDRE QUILES

  • Give to your Child a set of skill they will carry for a life time
  • Improve children’s social skills and team work
  • Enhance self-confidence and control
  • Better understanding of goal-setting and working towards them
  • Learn BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing, Judo and Self Defense in one program
  • Increase discipline in a fun way helping with focus, energy and concentration
  • Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness level
  • Weight control through a healthy lifestyle




Jiu-Jitsu ABC Kids BJJ Videos


“My son Davi is growing and besides training He likes to watch YouTube. One day He came with the idea of making his own videos and a YouTube Channel. I asked what kind of videos and the answer was “I want to teach BJJ to other kids” and I loved it! The result is Jiu-Jitsu ABC. Now We have our YouTube Channel and we have our Videos Series divide in episodes. From the very basic to toddlers and beginners and moving up to competition style or higher rank kids.  Self Defense and Muay Thai will be there too soon. Hope you Guys visit our JIUJITSUABC.COM and leave your feedback. Hope you all enjoy our videos and Thank You for supporting our channel. ”

– Andre Quiles

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