The Patch on your Kimono


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tradition

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about family and camaraderie. I like to say that the best friendships you will have in life will be born on the mats and they will all try to choke you. The Master and Professor will be part of your daily routine or your kids routine. After a stressful day at work or school nothing better than the friendly gym environment and a bunch of people with similar goals and chasing a better and healthy life style.
Inside a real BJJ you will always find support from just everything in life. From moving to a new house to a broke car on the side of the road. Your partners will always be there for you. Professor and training partners will be your best friends, mentors, advisers, psychologists and some times the ones telling you the truth you have to hear.
Just like family right? Jiu-Jitsu family is all about Love and tough love literally. Be part of a Team is much more than pay, workout and leave. It is an honor! Higher the rank or the time on the team bigger will be the appreciation, respect and mutual love. The master will teach you much more than techniques. That’s Why inside the BJJ community is so important to look for a Master and not for a coach. Experienced in life and fighting. The best way to show and return your respect and appreciation to your team is to have the team patch on your Gi. It shows you how proud you are of your Team and Professor. It’s is very important to keep the tradition and pass it on to the new generations.
I remember when I was younger and I wasn’t neither allowed to be part of the class without a patch or “roll” in other schools. I also remember when black belts from other schools were coming to our school for seminars to see them wearing their Gis inside out to hide their patches. It was a humble way to show their appreciation and respect to the Gym they were learning as a guest. Your team is your family and family is family and you have to be proud of your last name. So let’s get those parches on our Gis!

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